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Terms and conditions

Before using www.maycover.com e-shop, you must read and agree to the rules set out below (hereinafter - the Rules) and comply with them.

By ordering goods, you confirm that you have carefully read all the rules, understand them and agree with all the conditions set out in them, and undertake to comply with them.

  1. Definitions

1.1. Shop - www.maycover.com e-shop.

1.2. Seller - UAB Vaporio, legal entity code 303207092, registered office address J. Savickio str. 4, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania, data about the company are collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania. Trade in the Store is carried out from the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

1.3. Goods - all goods and services sold in the Store.

1.4. Buyer - a natural person who has reached the age of 18 or a legal person who acts through an authorized representative, purchases goods or services in the Store, or uses the Store.

1.5. Rules - these rules of distance purchase and sale of goods determine the rights and obligations of the Buyer and the Seller, the conditions of acquisition and payment for goods and services offered by the Seller, delivery and return procedures, liability of the parties and others related to the purchase and sale of goods and services Store related provisions.

1.6. Agreement - a contract of purchase and sale of goods concluded between the Buyer and the Seller following the Store Rules.

  1. General provisions

2.1. These Rules are a binding document that establishes the mutual rights, obligations, and responsibilities of the Buyer and the Seller.

2.2. The Buyer may use and purchase goods or services in the Store only after agreeing to these Rules and confirming that they have understood them.

2.3. The Seller has the right to change the Rules, and their changes will take effect immediately after their publication in the Store. The Buyer agrees to all amendments to the Rules if he uses the Store in any way after the announcement of the amendments to the Rules.

  1. Conclusion of the contract

3.1. Goods may be purchased in the Store by unregistered Buyers.

3.2. Before purchasing, the Buyer must read the Store Privacy Policy and confirm that he has read and agreed to it.

3.3. To purchase the Goods, the Buyer places an order in the Store by filling in the electronic order form. When filling in the order form, the Buyer provides the necessary data required for the sale of the Goods and their delivery. The buyer is responsible for the accuracy and confidentiality of the data.

3.4. The Agreement is concluded for each order of the Buyer separately.

3.5. The agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is considered concluded only when the Buyer places an order in the Store and forms a shopping cart by the Seller's instructions, specifies the delivery address, reads the Rules and Privacy Policy, chooses the payment method and pays the order in full. providing order information and confirmation messages.

3.6. The contract is valid until the full fulfillment of obligations under it. The Agreement shall be deemed fulfilled when the goods are transferred to the Buyer by the procedure established by the Rules and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

3.7. Seller may not confirm Buyer's order, including but not limited if Buyer does not fulfill all order conditions for the Product, or Seller does not have the Product desired by Buyer, or Buyer has not agreed to the Terms and Privacy Policy or has not paid for the order.

3.8. For this Agreement, the List of Goods provided in the Store is a catalog of goods. The public presentation of goods in the Store is not considered a public offer and does not oblige the Seller to sell the goods.

3.9. The Order of Goods submitted by the Seller using the Store's order submission system is an offer to the Buyer to enter into a purchase-sale agreement (offer) for the goods specified in the order. Upon receipt of the Buyer's order, the Seller shall send an e-mail to the Buyer at the e-mail address specified by the Buyer, confirming that the Buyer's order has been received, when the Buyer makes the payment, receives a notification that his order has been paid for and handed over for execution. The Seller's confirmation that the order has been paid for and handed over for execution shall be deemed the Seller's consent to sell the Goods to the Buyer (acceptance) and the conclusion of the Goods Purchase and Sale Agreement. From this moment, the Buyer undertakes to accept the delivered goods ordered in the Store. The Purchase and Sale Agreement shall be deemed concluded only in respect of the Goods specified in the confirmation sent by the Seller to the Buyer regarding the future dispatch of the Goods.

3.10. All www.maycover.com products are manufactured according to the individual order submitted by the Buyer, therefore, if the Buyer wishes to cancel the order of such Goods, such possibility depends on the stage of order execution. If the Product is already in production, it is not possible to cancel the order.

  1. Goods, prices, and payment

4.1. The prices of the goods in the Store are indicated in euros.

4.2. The Seller has the right to change any information about the Goods and other conditions in the Store at any time, including, but not limited to, the list of Goods in the Store, their descriptions, prices, and delivery prices and conditions without notifying the Buyer.

4.3. The information provided in the store about the Goods is for initial access only and is not considered to be the only complete or correct information based on which the decision to purchase the goods and pay for them may be made.

4.4. All www.maycover.com Products are manufactured according to the individual order provided by the Buyer. The production process of the Goods takes up to 30 days.

4.5. The photos of the Goods provided in the store are samples and are intended only to represent the product. The image of the fabric on the goods is applied using computer graphics, so there will be no identical matching of the fabric pattern on the real product as depicted in the Store.

4.6. The fabrics used in the manufacture of goods are up to 1.4 m wide. If the Product or its part is more than the width of the fabric, it may consist of several pieces of fabric joined together.

4.7. The price of the Goods does not include the price of a delivery of the Goods. Unless otherwise stated, delivery of the Goods is subject to payment. The price of this service and the procedure for its calculation and payment are indicated in the Store.

4.8. The goods can be purchased in the Store only after making a prepayment. When purchasing Goods in the Store, payment can be made in the ways specified in the Store.

4.9. Goods purchase documents - order information, invoices, or other documents are provided to the Buyer electronically by e-mail specified in the Buyer's order.

4.10. If the Seller detects a price error in the Store, he shall immediately inform the Buyer, in which case the Buyer shall be allowed to cancel the order or re-confirm the order at the appropriate price.

  1. Delivery of goods

5.1. Delivery service is paid. The price of a delivery of the goods to the Buyer is indicated at the end of the order, before choosing the payment method and making the payment. The delivery price of the Goods shall be paid together with the payment for the Goods.

5.2. Before delivering the Goods, the Seller's representative shall contact the Buyer and agree on the delivery details.

5.3. The Seller delivers the Goods to the Buyers only to the listed territories.

5.4. Goods can be sent to other countries only by separate agreement; contact e-mail for information [email protected].

5.5. The goods are delivered in Lithuania by a courier service chosen by the Seller.

5.6. Goods are shipped right after the production is over.

5.7. Goods are delivered on the terms set by the selected shipping method.

5.8. The seller is not responsible for the quality of the courier service and untimely delivery of goods.

5.9. The goods are delivered to the person whose name is indicated in the order.

5.10. If the goods are not accepted by the Buyer but by another person, the Buyer must indicate in the order the name of the person receiving the goods.

5.11. Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer or other person must, at the request of the representative of the courier service, present a valid document certifying the authenticity of the consignee.

5.12. The Buyer agrees that upon delivery of the Goods to the address specified in the order and the person receiving the Goods and signing the goods receipt or VAT invoice, it shall be deemed that the Goods have been properly handed over to the Buyer and the Buyer has no claims.

5.13. Upon delivery of the goods, the Buyer, the person specified in the Buyer's order, or the person at the address specified in the order must check the condition of the shipment. If the Buyer, the person specified in the Buyer's order, or the person at the address specified in the order and receiving the Goods notices an external violation of the consignment, he must note this in the consignment note and draw up a free-form violation of the consignment. If the consignment is signed intact by the Customer, the person specified in the Buyer's order, or the person at the address specified in the order, the consignment is considered intact.

5.14. If the Buyer refuses to accept the ordered goods or the delivery of the Goods to the Buyer is impossible because the Buyer specified an incorrect delivery address when ordering the Goods, the Buyer must indemnify the Seller for any losses related to the performance of the sales contract.

5.15. The Seller shall not be liable for improper or late delivery of the goods ordered by the Buyer if this was due to the fault of third parties or due to circumstances beyond the Seller's control and reasonable foresight and could not prevent these circumstances or their consequences.

  1. Return and exchange of goods

6.1. The Seller guarantees the quality of the Goods, therefore upon receipt of substandard goods, it is necessary to contact the Seller within a reasonable time from the date of delivery of the goods. If a product of poor quality has been sold to the Buyer, the Buyer has the right to demand from the Seller: to replace the Product of the wrong quality or a part thereof with the Product of the appropriate quality; reduce the price of the goods accordingly; to remedy the defects of the goods free of charge within a reasonable time. The Buyer understands that direct sunlight, moisture, or other strong environmental factors or non-compliance with the care rules may damage the fabric, and the Buyer understands that if the Product is stored or maintained under improper conditions, it cannot be returned. Goods made from textiles sometimes take time to get the shape they want.

6.2. All Goods in the Store are made of fabrics according to the individual order of the Buyer. The buyer chooses the desired models and fabric, only then according to the order placed by him. when there is poor quality. The Buyer must inform the Seller within 7 days from the date of delivery by e-mail regarding the return of defective goods by email [email protected].

  1. Intellectual property

7.1. All rights to the Store and the works contained therein are reserved. No content or information contained in the Store may be reproduced in any form, made available to the public, distributed, and/or otherwise used without the prior written consent of the Seller.

  1. Liability of the parties and limitation of liability

8.1. The Seller is not responsible for the fact that the goods displayed in the Store do not correspond in their color, shape, or other parameters to the actual size, shapes, and colors of the goods due to the screen, monitor, etc. used by the Buyer. imaging device features.

8.2. If the Seller's Store contains links to the websites of other companies, institutions, organizations, or persons, the Seller is not responsible for the information or activities performed there, does not maintain, control, and does not represent those companies and persons.

  1. Sending information

9.1. The Seller shall send all notices, requirements, requests, and other information to the Buyer at the e-mail address specified by him in the purchase data. All information sent to the Buyer by these Rules shall be deemed to have been delivered to the Buyer immediately from the moment of its sending.

9.2. The Seller is not responsible for any disruptions of the Internet connection, and e-mail service providers' networks, due to which the Buyer does not receive information or confirmation e-mails from the Seller. Buyer agrees that the provision of a copy of the email to Buyer is appropriate proof of sending any information to Buyer.

9.3. The Buyer shall send all notices, requirements, requests, and questions to the e-mail address [email protected]

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