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Experienced team use only premium quality fabrics

We produce IKEA series replacement covers
aiming for an exceptional look and durability

MAYCOVER offers more than 100 color and material variants that we believe will fit your style.

You may choose from different fabric/material categories: 
WOVEN line, VELVET line, SUEDE line, OUTDOOR line, RPET line

Our products

MAYCOVER manufactured covers perfectly match the shapes of IKEA furniture. You can rest assured that the cover will look like a new collection that isn’t there yet.

IKEA sells high-quality furniture, and the biggest advantage is that the furniture can be bought and taken home immediately. When buying from other merchants you may have to wait several weeks or even months after placing your order.

The usual disappointment is that IKEA has only a few possible variants of colors and fabric for each piece of furniture - sofas, armchairs, footstools, and chairs. The challenge is to adapt IKEA furniture to the home interior. MAYCOVER offers a unique opportunity to buy furniture, ie its construction from IKEA, and order a cover for the selected sofa separately from MAYCOVER.

It is common for the cover of an IKEA armchair or sofa to wear out, get dirty, or be torn by pets. MAYCOVER is ready to help. After all, it is not worth throwing away still functioning furniture if only its exterior has become unattractive. The new cover makes the furniture look new.

We have customers who have ordered even two different colors of covers for their existing furniture. They change it according to the season or mood. And besides, it's very convenient - while one set is washed and dried, the other can be used.

When ordering covers from MAYCOVER, it is possible to choose the same fabric for different collections or models of furniture - then everything looks seamless and harmonious.

By the way, MAYCOVER not only makes furniture covers but also pillows, which can be a great decor element when combining interior details. We also sell fabric by meter. Creative customers can sew the necessary decor elements themselves.

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